Marek Law Firm continues to Fight for New Mexicans’ rights

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — November 02, 2015 — Been in a wreck? Then call Marek. Arrested? Still call Marek! For five years, Grant Marek of the Marek Law Firm has been has been helping clients sort through insurance messes, defending their rights and protecting their futures. In October they completed their 100th criminal defense case; 80 of those resulting in dismissal. On the civil side, every single personal injury case has resulted in a financial award to the client. While there are a number of personal injury and criminal defense law firms in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, few have the legacy of Marek Law Firm. Grant Marek took guidance from his father, Thomas L. Marek, an attorney who served clients in New Mexico for over 35 years with the Marek and Francis Law Firm. Taking cues from his father, the younger Mr. Marek focused on creating a law firm that provided quality service with integrity and achieving desired results for clients – quickly, because time matters. Five years later, he still maintains that core value.

The firm’s aggressive approach to personal injury cases and a 79% dismissal rate for criminal cases, has contributed to its success. In personal injury matters, the Marek Law Firm has three main goals: to obtain settlements for the clients with the maximum legal allowable restitution, to resolve cases quickly and to help clients reduce their mounting medical bills by getting quick access to settlement money. To accomplish this goals-based approach, the Marek Law Firm approaches their cases as a team with the on-staff accountant so that their clients benefit from an ongoing commitment and compounded expertise.

“This anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on our core values and to affirm our continued commitment to providing quality personal injury representation to our clients,” said Grant Marek. “We value our relationships with our clients and continue to work hard for them every day.” Mr. Marek is a former prosecutor at the District Attorney’s office, where his work gave him extensive courtroom, complex course proceedings and case management experience. A native of New Mexico, he is particularly proud of being able to support and service clients in his home state.

The Marek Law Firm serves criminal defense and personal injury cases in Albuquerque, Carlsbad, Santa Fe, and several other communities in New Mexico. More information can be found at